Trump tweets Easter wishes as Americans remain under coronavirus lockdown

President Donald Trump tweeted well-wishes to Americans celebrating Easter on Sunday, noting that this year’s is “much different” with many people having to observe the holiday from their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic.
“But this Easter will be much different than others because in many cases, we’ll be separated — physically only — from our churches. We won’t be sitting there next to each other, which we’d like to be. And soon, we’ll be again,” Trump, said in a recorded video message.
“But right now, we’re keeping separation. We’re getting rid of the plague,” he said, adding, “Celebrate, bring the family together like no other, we have a lot to be thankful for. Happy Easter, everybody.”—The-Facts-04-12–an-update—The-Options-04-12-2—The-Options-04-12—An-Update-04-12—For-Adults-04-12–a-background—The-Options-04-12–an-introduction—The-Basics-04-12—The-Inside-Track-04-12—The-Best-Routes-04-12–the-inside-track

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